My Son Saved a Life Tonight

My youngest son is something of a lounge lizard. He’s my little babe that’s about 6′ and 260lbs. Every day I encourage him to eat better and move some more. It doesn’t usually work. And encouragement from a depressed mother probably doesn’t hold much weight.

But I’ve been trying.

He’s lightening smart and so handsome, just obese. He’s unlike his older twin brothers who are both slim, the way their Dad was in his teens. The way I was before hormones took over.

His personality is unlike any of ours. He has a wicked sense of humor like his Dad, and sincere thirst for knowledge like his Momma, but a gentleness, kindness and natural empathy that is unlike the rest of our family. He’s just a great all around kid. Even his older brothers idolize him, which I see to be unique from other families. The older boys adore their younger brother.

He loves his video games, YouTube and Netflix. He spent most of this summer locked in his bedroom playing his games or sleeping.

For an ambitious person like me, it’s hard to see him waste these precious teen years locked away and not breathing fresh air. But we have literally had screaming fights to get him out of the house for a 15 minute walk around the block. While I don’t care if he doesn’t speak to me for an hour as my punishment, I can’t physically move him – he’s just too big. So – some days he gives in because he’s sick of me pushing and other days he just doesn’t care what I do – he’s not going anywhere. And I am always sure to ask between games so that excuse is not relevant. He is, like me, not motivated to move.

In any case, Sunday he was, as usual, sitting in front of his monitor playing with his friends. They have a great social game as they play and I often listen in to the conversations. They talk about all sorts of things. I’ve learned more from all 3 because of covert listening at doors than anything they tell me directly.

So, he’s playing his game and I am downstairs making dinner. He comes down and asks to call his friends mom right away because he’s making strange noises for too long on the headsets and no longer responding to his friends insistent plea to stop joking.

I immediately face-timed the mom (who was at a neighborhood party) who got home in time to call the paramedics. The child had a seizure while playing the game. And his friends caught it, didn’t make light of it, and my son, truly worried, asked me to help.

When I asked him how he knew his friend wasn’t joking he told me “because his game character stopped moving” and (if it was a joke) it went on too long.

The boy is ok, they don’t know what caused the seizure but it was caught in time to help him and he will see a neurologist this week.

I’m so proud of my son and his friends. They are a great group of kids and they know each other since preschool. I’m not as sure of my older boys would have reacted the same way…I would hope so, but they are more selfish than my youngest and may not have taken it as seriously.

And, I may complain slightly less about him playing games so often.