Chapter 9 – Dreams

It’s early. Or late? I don’t know. Everything is so warm. It’s twilight, somewhere between deep dark sleep and the shimmer of morning. I don’t want to wake you but I’m restless. It’s probably jet lag. I look over at you sleeping peacefully, your chest rising and falling evenly, your dark hair tousled. Your lips are luscious, your scruff just right and warm flutters course through my body as I think of your lips on mine. You are still naked and your delicious cock hangs exhausted between your legs contrasting the strength it had shown only hours earlier. I think I know how you might like to be woken up, but I hesitate because you need the rest. You don’t rest easily.

The air beyond the covers is cool and you shiver a little as I pull them away from you. With gentle fingers and a light touch, I start to trail small paths down your shoulder and belly towards your cock to see if you stir. Nothing. I move in closer and use one finger to trace the head of your cock. You are so sleepy you don’t move. Your breathing is still even. I lower myself down to do one of my favorite things: take your flaccid member into my mouth. I can suck on it, squeeze it in my mouth, and run my tongue all around it when it’s soft like this. I will have a few minutes before you realize what’s going on and respond. I suck in short strokes, drawing your member up with each one and suddenly feel the rush of blood begin to fill your cock.

And it hits you then, you feel the warmth of my mouth, the heat against a chilly room, enveloping your cock, tension seizing your limbs. A moan eminates from your mouth at the same time. You are waking to having your cock sucked and there is no better feeling in the world. Your back arches and one hand falls immediately on top of my head.

My lips are gliding up your shaft and my tongue wriggles against your sensitive flesh. Your muscles tense. Sleep can’t keep you under now. Blinking against the dim light that penetrates the darkness, your eyes open. Your upper body is cool. Glancing down, you find the bundle of covers at your waist. I am there, lips pursed at the tip of your dick, wearing only the pile of sheets and an alluring sleepy glare. You know that look in my eyes. I’m hungry, and not for eggs or toast. The corner of my mouth twitches upward into a grin. Then, I part my lips and dive down again.

You toss your head back into the pillow. The head of your cock prods my throat. My tongue is somehow still working itself around your shaft. As you clutch two handfuls of the sheets, you feel like tearing the bed apart. One hand is holding your balls tightly, with just the right amount of pressure at the base of your cock, pushing up where you like it. My fingers encircle the base of your dick, and I tighten them like a vice. My hair hangs in tangles beside a smooth face. You can’t help but twist across the mattress. The sight of your cock throbbing full, red, and thick in my lips is driving you nuts. You’re barely awake! So many thoughts skip off the walls of your mind but your head is still too foggy to find them.

When I reach your swollen tip again, I roll my tongue around it and flick my eyes upwards toward you. Your jaw drops. No sound comes out. You’re locked in my vibrant gaze. I dive again. And again.

You watch my lips slide all the way down to fingers at the base of your cock. It’s as if I sucked the thrust of your hips right out of you. You reach and snatch my hair, holding my head down. For several seconds, you’re frozen in ecstasy, throbbing in my throat and gasping for a steady breath. I pull back a little, leaving your cock glistening in my wet salvia mixed with your precum. I grip your shaft with my hand and start pumping, building you to an orgasm. My free hand caressing your balls. Your ass clenches and my smile widens.

I tip my head to the side, messy hair cascading over my shoulder. You can’t look away. Hooking your fingers in my hair, you hold on for dear life while my hand glides up and down your engorged member. You can see your very flesh molding and deforming in my wet grip. My eyes are still watching you when I brings my lips close. My face hovers there, inches from the cock I stroke. Hot breath washes over your sensitive skin.

As you writhe about in the bed, you know it’s coming. You lock eyes with the beauty below. By any logic, she should look like a mess in the morning. Somehow, she’s beautiful. She is all woman, and ravenously passionate, craving the release she’s giving you. Her open lips tease at your skin. The glow of morning in her eyes speaks of both lust and love, that writhe together; the compassion of a partner and the need of a lover.

In the end, it’s those eyes that do it.

Those eyes and that hand cupping your balls and applying pressure like you have never felt before. All in some kind of sleepy haze. Is this even really happening?

She knows it’s coming. Freezing her hand near the base of your darkening head, she tightens her grip. Your whole body convulses and a deep moan gets caught in your throat. She digs her thumb under your tip.

When at last she releases pressure, the burn explodes from your cock. A ribbon of cum shoots up and falls to your waist. A wail of pleasure escapes your throat.

She cliches your shaft and balls again, only for seconds. It seems like another infinity.

You don’t believe it’s possible but the pressure eases and a second stream fires from your fattened tip, higher than the second. She raises her eyebrows at the sight of it. You release a long groan. Your body is tight. All of your energy seems to drain away. She holds you as more cum pumps out of your cock. Milky clear streaks drip from her fingers. She licks her lips. You watch yourself run dry in her grip.

Relaxation washes over you. Your body melts into the bed. She grins and slides her thumb over the glistening head of your cock, toying with the hypersensitive flesh. You jerk a bit, but let out an exasperated laugh. You close your eyes, wondering what you did so right to deserve such a wake-up call.

Suddenly she’s there. Your flaccid dick sinks against your thigh. You feel her breasts brushing your chest. The tangles of her hair tickle your cheeks. When you open your eyes, her pretty face is staring down upon you. The silence of the room is deafening. Your heaving breathing, her snicker, the soft rustle of the covers that she slides around the two of you….

“Hi, Lover.”

“Morning,” you say.

She grins and raises an eyebrow. “Don’t you mean ‘good morning’?”

You pull her close.

“No,” you tell her. “It’s a great morning.”

She places a gentle kiss on your lips. It makes you want to pull her tighter and crush her. She tells you its still too early for morning and maybe it’s all a dream, as she settles in close to your chest, where you can hold onto her. You kiss the top of her head and fall back, wondering if it all really happened.

Chapter 8 – Time for Bed

Their dinner was nothing short of perfect. But, both were restless to have their time in one another arms. They seemingly could never get enough of each other. Neither had felt like this before, consistently consumed by their desire for one another.

They debated taking a walk in the town, but felt exhausted and preferred to wait and just enjoy the luxury of lying in bed together. They made their way back to the room hand-in-hand as lovers do. Before they actually entered the room, he led her down the hallway, pushed her against their door as he slid the key in the lock, and kissed her hard and deep. His passion was clear and her response was simple desire.

He brought her to the bed and she was breathless now so he moved her body beneath his in one smooth motion, spreading her legs under him. As she looked up at him he could see her eyes beckoning him to take her. She is pleased to see how strong his erection is and knows she won’t even need to guide him in, their unison would happen naturally as his body sought hers. He slides his pants down only enough to reveal his cock and lifts her skirt, there is no time to undress fully, he finds his way into her body, and he pauses ever so slowly before pushing in bit by bit. Just teasing and tickling, just inside, then out again. She is pliant and moaning beneath him as he feels her tightness pulsating around him.

As he continued to slowly enter her body fully in every sense, the connection becomes so strong, so intense, that they pause to undress one another more slowly. She takes the time to kiss his neck and chest and he kisses her breast as they spill for her loosened bra. He holds her fast and their gaze locks so tightly to one another’s eyes that they both feel an overwhelming sense of deep, joyful and sensual peace, touching one another in a way they hadn’t before and igniting a white fire through their veins. This slow burn of desire leads them to a heightened state of anticipation. He wants to draw it out. Fucking her slowly and intentionally with great control so he could build up to a massive explosion that would wrack his body for minutes.

The powerful control of his movements caused both of their bodies to glisten with a sheen of sweat, their hips rhythmically moving together, her arms around the width of his back and his head tucked into her shoulder. He pulls apart from her to move her legs around his shoulders so he could fuck her more deeply. He takes her toes into his mouth and sucks gently, caressing her feet and attending to each toe. He had no idea how wild this would make her. Her body was so taut with desire that these deep strokes caused long, low guttural sounds to come from her now. The more she moaned loudly, the more turned on he got. They had already been at it for some time and she was still soaking wet, cum pouring over his cock with every thrust he delivered. But now he needed his release and he lowered her legs and told her he was ready to cum.

She put her hands on either side of his head so he was looking directly at her, he felt her hips rise up to greet his most powerful thrusts and he let go, shaking, convulsing, moaning and bucking a load of cum into her for what felt like minutes. His usual cries of “Fuck, fuck” as he looked deeply into her eyes as orgasm shook his body with small convulsions as he continued to pump his cum into her deepest recesses. He was shaking and close to collapse when her arms enveloped him and brought him down on top of her, stretching her legs around his buttocks so he could feel those final moments of release within her and as close to her as he could possibly be.

He never grew soft after their sex, he just wanted to keep going, so he continued to slowly feel their bodies in union, slipping in and out slowly. They stayed joined like this for some time until he rolled off and next to her, pulling her into him. At some point, exhaustion consumes them as they lie wrapped up in thoughts of their blissful day and fall off to sleep with no words, just gentle breathing and the smell of their sex between them. Her head on his chest, her hand placed next to her head and he tightly holding her and protecting her.

Chapter 7 – Dinner

They had shared many dinner together in lovely restaurants, but there was no way anything could compete with the scenery, view and atmosphere of this. It was like something out of a storybook. They sat side-by-side, which was their favorite way to share a romantic meal, perfect for canoodling. The town was lit for the night and seemed to spill down the mountain in front of them, falling right into the sea. Small lights from boats on the ocean reflected on the calm waters, the moon shining brightly above.

He ordered a bottle of rosè prosecco so they could toast to one another and the week ahead. Her lips were soft and greedy and he leaned in for kisses, he could never give her quite enough.

Her breasts seemed to be overflowing from her dress and he had a hard time not staring at the round curves and thinking how hard he could make her nipples with just a touch. She seemed to know exactly what he was thinking and kissed him hard while she slid his hand up her thigh. Her skin was so smooth and he knew she would be wet for him already.

They were in a corner of the restaurant, probably considered the best table for privacy and the wide view, with their backs to the small gathering of people. There were only couples in this romantic spot, the music was soft and lovely and the atmosphere one of sophisticated elegance. You couldn’t hear much more than the hum of the instruments and the clanking of some service, it almost seemed as if they were alone on a high cliff, being served a private meal by their personal wait staff and chef.

They toasted to one another and ordered some small bites to start. Dinner would be a slow and satisfying affair, the joys of eating in Italy were in the ability to linger over your food as much as the food itself. There would be some rustic starter and freshly cold pressed olive oil and bread for dipping which he could feed to her. Every part of their dinner would be an intimate experience, as it was each time they shared a special meal.

As they were talking and drinking and sharing bites, he finally succumbed to running his hand over her breast and down the front of her dress. He was cautious to ensure no waiters were nearby as he generally became nervous, but she arched right into his touch and held his hand to her nipple for a bit before pulling her entire breast out of her dress to offer up to his lips. He couldn’t resist the tight pink nipple begging to be licked and sucked and lengthened. She cradled his head closely to her breast as his tongue made her moan. He only pulled away when he heard footsteps approaching the table.

Underneath the table setting, her hand was exploring the hardening cock in his pants. She didn’t stop when the waiter arrived to refill their wine glasses and smiled sweetly as he hovered over them.

As soon as the waiter walked away, though, she made fast work of pulling his cock out of his loose pants so she could stroke it properly. She had never actually given him a full hand job and asked if this is something he might like, right now. She didn’t wait for his reply before she began the rhythmic stroking of his cock. He was thick and hard, just how she liked him. She was getting more wet by the moment. The waiter was once again approaching, suspecting he was missing out on the action, she thought.

The chose to order some additional small plates to share so they could sample various things and keep their fare simple after such a long day. Both expected to be fucking through the night and no need to leave the restaurant too full. His cock remained hard with her hand stroking him while he ordered. It was easier than he thought to keep a straight face knowing she had him in hand under the table. She made him crazy, he couldn’t resist her, no one could in his opinion.

As the waiter walked away she swung around, sitting atop him. Startled, thinking she was crazy and the whole restaurant was probably watching he asked what she thought she was doing. The words barely left his throat before his cock was sliding deep into her wet pussy. She was slick and warm, he could feel her cum dripping on the side of her thighs. He let her ride him for a moment, she watches over his shoulder to see if anyone was paying attention, but it was so dark, and the area was mostly private, that no one would truly be able to tell what was going on, other than an intimate embrace, a very intimate embrace.

He wanted to get carried away with her, but he couldn’t relax enough for that. He allowed her the thrill for a few more moments and she slid off, pretending to be so sad to make him guilty. She could be so sly, and he was so gullible for that face. But, dinner, first, then her…later.

She was bit stubborn about putting away his cock, but soon they started laughing, drinking and kissing so passionately, that they just enjoyed the promise of the stretch of time in front of them.

Chapter 6 -Getting Ready

When he awoke, he rolled over she wasn’t there. He saw the light coming from the bathroom and realized night had fallen and she was getting ready. As he began to rise, she came out of the bathroom in a tight, low cut, black sleeveless dress. He started to get another erection. There was no way that dress was staying on for long. He wondered what, if anything, she had on underneath. She came over to kiss him and he pulled her back into the bed. They laughed for a moment as she struggled to push away, “stop! I’m all ready! Now get your ass out of bed because I’m hungry!”

He let her go and made his way into the bathroom. She mentioned that she spoke to the concierge and there were several restaurants on premises they might like so she had selected one and made a reservation. Of course she chose the Michelin star restaurant, overlooking the coast, lit by candles and lanterns, high above the sea. They were both looking forward to having the time out together. Their companionship was easy and uninhibited.

He was handsome in a light color button down shirt and loose pants. She slipped on her sexy black, pointy toe heels and they were out the door.

Just hours off the plane and their lust perfectly sated for the moment, both enjoying the intimate attention they gave to one another. She knew this glamorous, romantic hotel would heighten the incredible sex and love they shared. He was thinking the same thing as they walked from the room down the paths light by fire-torches. The grounds were beautiful in the evening, the pool was lit for night swimming and was so intimate that she knew they would be fucking in there repeatedly.

The couple continued beyond the pool to find their restaurant high on the cliffside. The restaurant was no larger than the size of a massive dining room of an old home, ceramic tile floors and small low tables with cushioned benches, with seating for perhaps 16 at most. The low handsome couches sat two and faced the evening sky and a darkened ocean, miles above a glittering seaside city. The only lighting was the candles sparkling on the tables, discreetly placed lanterns and a full moon above. Dinner couldn’t get any more crazy sexy than this.

Chapter 5 – Shower

Her legs start to shake with ecstasy, her voluptuous figure now unsteady in his strong arms. He turned her around and pushed in from behind so he could keep fucking her.

He owned her body at this moment and even told her so… she was his, there was no resistance. She would allow him to take her any way he pleased, she would do anything he asked of her because every move he made was, in fact, designed for their pleasure. He would ensure that they were both completely satisfied. She would bend, tense and flex every way he could move her, she would meet his feral demands by opening wide for him, allowing him to fill all of her again and again, punish her with his cock, whatever it took to have her legs begin shaking under his touch. His arms holding her up now, she weakens with the sublime pleasure that is rolling through her every nerve, sensation radiating throughout her body, tightening her further around him, forcing him to feel the power of her pleasure. She begs him to cum for her now and he moans hoarsely, ready to explode deep inside her. His eyes are wild with anticipation and desire, his breathing ragged as he pumps into her over and over in sweet release. His cried of “fuck, fuck” as he releases.

The water of the shower continues to rain down over them, covering them in warm showers, the smell of their sex mingling with the steam and their uneven breathing and they remain tangled together in the shower like that for a while, allowing the water to roll over them. She washes him gently. He does the same for her. Sweet, kind ministrations and attention to the others body and washing away the long flight and train ride. Both of them exhausted and limp from the sex and journey.

Stepping out of the shower, drying off with plush towels, they wrap themselves in robes and head to the bedroom. He spied some lotions and oils on the vanity and brings them along. He reaches for the lotion, unscrewed the little cap, and generously splattered some in to his large, but soft palms, she was now giggling at the luxury of all this, waiting to be touched ever so delicately by her secret lover. His eyes met hers for what seemed like minutes and not seconds. They just looked at one another; each a captive audience for the other. Both waited to be touched and petted again, ever so sensuously and deliberately.

He began working the lotion in to her smooth, soft skin…and she closed her eyes to enjoy the touch alone, to feel every movement of his long, skilled fingers across her body. He worked the lotion into her back and arms, her neck and then down her legs. He crawled back up to her breast, gently teasing each of them to attention as she cradled his head in her hands, watching him with pleasure. He knew how she loved the attention to her nipples and he brought both breast together and nuzzled deep between them with a deep sigh before he bent down, down to lightly tease her vagina with his mouth, flicking his tongue gently in and around the parts of her that he had just been so rough with.

Her response was immediate to his tongue, the moan emanated low in her belly and worked it’s way through her throat, full of lust and desire for him. His hands now reached around to grab her ass and pull her close, but he was not going to give her release, not yet, they had hours before them to tease and please one another and he was going to take advantage of the time. He would do what she loved best, he would slide one finger, then two high into her and press hard on her g-spot while he massaged her clit with his expert tongue. He would make her cum all over his face before he made love to her, and he wanted her to cum with him inside, to be pleasured multiple times, to learn to let go fully with him and he planned to bring her to the edge many times. They found multiple ways to pleasure one another that neither had discovered before and the next few days he had no doubt they would find more of these hot spots together. She was entirely willing to explore with him. Nothing on her body was off limits.

She didn’t tire of the sex or lose her desire to try something new. He never knew sex could be so adventurous, fun and loving, no restrictions, just pleasure. So many things swam through his brain as he was eating her delicious smooth pussy, so many things they could do together. Her hands were in his hair now and she was getting close, he knew all the signs, he knew how her breathe quickened and her legs clenched, he could feel all her muscles inside begin to contract around his fingers and her clit began to hide. He focused on bringing her all the way through her orgasm, to give her all the pleasure she had been sharing with him and he didn’t stop until he was sure she had as much as she needed.

He kissed down her legs and back up until he was lying beside her. He kissed her full and deep so she could taste herself. They both needed a rest before dinner, and cuddled in the warm air coming in from the balcony doors, soon falling asleep listening to the roll of the waves.

Chapter 4 -Arrival

As they made their way into the hotel, which was an ancient home built into a hillside, she stayed close to him and he could smell the sex on her. Their sex. She was tousled and messy and didn’t seem to mind. He knew later she would dress for him, wear something sexy and slightly revealing, something he could imagine taking off of her later, when they were alone. He wanted others to look at her now and realize he had fucked her. He wanted to claim possession of her. She was his girl, no one else’s. She looked up at him and asked what was on his mind. He gently kissed her forehead and held her close “just you” he said as he smiled down at her. Both were content in the moment as they made their way to their room, hand in hand, anticipating all the ways they were going to satisfy one another over the next several days.

They entered a beautiful, large room with dark woods, white linens, bright florals and a balcony stretching the entire length of the suite, overlooking miles of old, small homes built into the hills of the Italian Coast and an endless azure ocean. He swung open the double doors to the balcony and a gentle breeze of humid mediterranean air, smelling sweetly of ocean and antiquity, filled the room. He looked back at her, wondering what she was thinking and realized she had wandered off to find the bathroom.

Their bathroom was large and lovely with a separate glass shower and soaking tub. They both knew they would be spending hours in this bathroom entwined in one another’s limbs. She turned the shower on and beckoned him to come join her. “Another shower, my love?” He came up behind her and turned her towards the mirror. He undressed her slowly. Pulling off her dress and bra and watching her reaction to his touch. Her nipples hardened when exposed to the air and he gently rolled them between his fingers, making them even harder. As he cupped her breast with one hand, the other hand trailed down towards her smoothly waxed pussy. His erection pressed firmly into her ass, her head back on his shoulder. He watched her body quiver with each touch and felt her dripping for him again. He suddenly had an urgent need to fuck her hard. Now was not a time to be gentle.

Dropping his clothes fast, he pulled her into the shower. They barely embraced before her leg was pressed against the opposite wall and her hips raised towards him in anticipation. He entered her, pushed in deep and firm immediately, unwilling to wait any longer. He took her quite roughly. Her scent and flesh had made him this way. He was acting on primal urges now. She gasped loudly at the deep penetration and held tightly to him as he pressed in. His tongue was deep in her mouth, claiming her, possessing her. Liquid desire explodes in her belly and he pounds her against the glass wall of the shower, steam and water indistinguishable from the sweat of their fierce desire.

Chapter 3 – Transit

He dropped to his knees in the bathroom, which was luckily quite spacious, and he gently kissed her belly and then her sweet pussy. She ran her hands over his hair and gently cupped his chin as she dropped her head back with a lusty moan. He knew how she loved his tongue, he knew exactly how to drive her crazy.

Maybe it was the thrill of being in the plane, maybe it was her sheer desire, but she came for him quickly and easily and begged to be fucked hard. She slipped off the sink, turned around, bent over and offered her ass. He gave her one quick spank and slid his thick, hard cock right into her warmth. As he looked up from her backside, he realized she had been watching him the entire time in the mirror they were both facing. She loved to watch him fuck her as she told him all the things he loved to hear, especially his name. He loved when she moaned his name in ecstasy and told him to fuck her harder. It still made him weak. The only problem was she was beginning to get louder and he knew there would one little he could do to control her moans, so he told her he was going to cum quickly and fill her, and she readily agreed. He released himself into her and slowed down, just feeling the soft wetness the two of them had become. She looked like a beautiful mess in the mirrors reflection and he ran his hands through her long hair to straighten it over her back.

The embraced for a few moments and cleaned up. Both being too embarrassed to walk back to their seats together, he exited first and she followed a few minutes later. When she sat down he asked her if she felt like all the passengers eyes were on her, knowingly. She laughed and they snuggled in together for the rest of the flight. Both were tired and she fell to sleep quickly in the crook of his arm. She thought to herself as she started to slumber that there was no better place to be than in her lovers arms at this moment.

Arriving in the early morning, they exited the plane and passed quickly through Italian customs to retrieve their luggage and locate their transportation. They had a bit of a train ride through the countryside and then, to her surprise, he had reserved a luxury car to take them to their hotel. More time to snuggle against her favorite man. Their ride to the hotel would be through the winding, steep streets of Positano. As she entered the black limo, she noticed the windows were dark and they were separated from their driver. She gave him a knowing look “are we crossing another thing off our list?” He smiled and let her know the drive to the hotel probably wasn’t far and the scenery would probably be beautiful. That didn’t seem to deter her. As soon as they slipped into the cool air of the car and the doors closed behind them, she was at his pants, pulling out his then flaccid member. She teased with her tongue. She flicked and licked and sucked. She was trying to coax his cock back to attention and was quickly succeeding.

With his head resting on the back of the seat and his hands running through her long blonde hair, he was to do no more than enjoy her touch. She loved to suck on him and he knew it. She had him fully hard again within moments of driving away from the train station. She was giving him her full attention. No surface of his hard cock or his smooth balls were left unattended. Her tongue swirled and dipped slowly. She moaned as she went fully down on him, letting the head of his cock touch the back of her throat, and he felt the vibration of the moan at the base of his cock. She reached down and around and gave a tight squeeze to his balls. She knew what he loved as equally as he had pleasured her earlier.

They were both so focused on the blow job that they didn’t realize the car was slowly winding its way up the winding roads as the gorgeous seaside was dropping away beneath them. They didn’t even know the car stopped until they heard the drivers door slam. Within seconds the driver was opening the back door and he surely saw her giving him head. Neither of them really made a move to stop until the driver cleared his throat. She sat up, grinned broadly at the driver and adjusted herself to step out of the car and into the daylight. He gathered himself together, laughing at the thought of her boldness, and followed out after her. He was shaking his head at the things this one got him to do, things he would never had dreamed of, and he loved every minute of it.

Chapter 2 – Time to Fly

He took her hand and led her towards the luxurious lounge bathrooms. They greeted the attendant and asked if a double shower room was available. She smiled knowingly and led the way to a beautifully outfitted all white shower room. There were handsome wood fittings and a shower large enough for 4, never mind just the two of them.
They didn’t have much time, so they rushed to undress and get themselves under the water for some quick play and, in their scramble to do so, neglected to lock the door tightly.
As they stepped into the shower and began soaping one another up, his cock began to rise in tune to her ministrations, and their lips were locked tightly in a deep, lustful kiss. He pushed her against the wall, turned her around and entered her swiftly, both relishing in the feeling of his penetration. They had very little time so he was quick to cum and press himself hard into her. They spent a moment under the water together and soon turned to leave the shower when they saw the door had opened halfway and their actions were clearly visible to anyone who may have walked by. She stepped out of the shower with a grin and closed the door. They laughed for a moment, wondering if anyone had actually stopped to watch him fuck her against the wall in the shower. It was quite likely. 
They dressed and left the showers and headed towards their gate. Smiling and holding hands tightly, he led her through the airport, never once loosening his grip and guiding her way. She knew she didn’t have to worry about anything when she was with him, he would always take care of her.
He walked a bit faster than normal as he was worried they would be late, even though she advised him not to panic, they had plenty of time! When he looked at her smile and confidence he slowed his pace, but only a little. Her smile had that effect on him every time. He often found it hard to say no to her.
As they boarded the plane she revealed they had been upgraded to first class and their seats had plenty of room to be comfortable. When she asked the hostess for a blanket, he already knew what she had in mind. It wasn’t long before he was covered with the flimsy blanket and her hand was massaging his cock through his pants. For some reason unknown to him, she always wanted more of him and he was certainly willing to oblige her desires. 
Her head was tilted towards him and her lips on his neck. He felt her kisses and tongue trace a gentle path down the side of his neck and could hear her breathing close to his ear. She was working on pulling his cock free from its confines as the hostess paused to ask if they would like a drink. The hostess looked down at him and then across to her, acknowledging she knew what was going on under that blanket. She didn’t care, she kept stroking him while she ordered her drink and he grew even fuller. She gently teased and played with his cock freely under the blanket while looking at him. He was rock hard by the time the hostess made her way back with their drinks. 
The plane began its taxi and they snuggled in together. He was beginning to get restless with desire. “Touch yourself” he pleaded. She smiled and slipped her free hand up her dress. Immediately he heard her fingers enter her wet, warm mess and watched her eyes roll a little back. Her back arched forward and her hand slipped off his cock. “Be quiet, shhh, baby” he whispered. He leaned over and traced her arm, following the path under her dress until the heat coming from her pussy was apparent. He put his hand over hers and they touched her together. Sliding up and down, in and out. She pulled her own hand up, leaving his there and put her fingers to her lips to taste herself. As he watched her mouth make a perfect “O” shape around her fingers his cock rose to a full erection. As he continues to touch her clit, she touched her fingers to his lips to taste and then leaned forward for a full kiss, her scent and taste between them. He loved the taste and smell of her.
She looked straight at him and said: “let’s cross it off our list…fuck me here”. They had been talking about this for weeks now. He led her to the large bathroom at the front of the plane as discreetly as possible, keeping an eye out for that hostess who surely knew what was going on. Once in the bathroom they couldn’t contain their lust. Bodies pushed together in a frenzy, his hands on her ass and lifting her up on the small sink. Her dress rising above her hips, exposing the fact that she had on no underwear. He realized she must not have slipped it back on after the shower. He saw her perfectly waxed and smooth pussy, dripping with cum and needed to taste her before he fucked her hard.

Chapter 1 – The Getaway

They had been talking about getting away together for some time now. Their schedules were so hectic, it always seemed impossible to carve out time, but they finally agreed he would accompany her on a business trip to Italy. She had a short work trip near Venice and Milan planned and they would start with almost a week together before she had to begin her work . Both of them were in heaven at the thought of spending this much time together, thinking they wouldn’t even see half the sites they dreamed about but, instead, remain tangled up in the sheets on whatever bed in a hotel they landed at.
Either scenario was appealing. They both loved history, cities and romance.
She couldn’t imagine anything better than traveling through the ancient cities and countrysides with him as they scoured the interwebs for ideas. They were both natural planners, so all this research came easy to them. She wanted to plan all their days together but he had other ideas. He wanted to surprise her and create some new fantasies for them to share. There was one, in particular, that involved a beach and a boat. He insisted she leave a few days at his disposal for the planning. She knew better than to debate him when he made up his mind.
The finally agreed on a location. The ancient Italian seaside city, Positano. When they read about the allure of the enclave, they were both sold: ” Positano is the coast’s most picturesque and photogenic town, with vertiginous houses tumbling down to the sea in a cascade of sun-bleached peach, pink and terracotta colours. No less colourful are its steep streets and steps lined with wisteria-draped hotels, smart restaurants and fashionable boutiques.” Visiting in 1953, John Steinbeck enthused: ‘Positano bites deep. It is a dream place that isn’t quite real when you are there and becomes beckoningly real after you have gone.’
As they looked forward to their holiday, work consumed them both and the week before departure had the unusual turn of them not being able to see one another at all. They were both feeling the pain of separation as the days before departure approached. He called the day before and asked her to pack a few additional items she wasn’t expecting. As usual, she asked too many questions which he brushed off. He wasn’t giving away his secrets. She was to do as he said and that was that. Of course she complied, she always did. She liked to follow his lead and he knew it was a turn on for her when he took charge.
The day finally arrived and they were anxious to meet at the airport. Being apart for a week was a strain neither of them liked. They both teased they became cranky when parted. Finally meeting up at the airport lounge, they couldn’t part for many minutes as their lips met and they breathed each other in. The first moments they kissed was like a first kiss for her every time, her pulse raced and her belly flopped and her knees went weak. Every time. He could make her eyes roll into the back of her head simply by kissing her lips and he knew it. Chances were good they were making a scene in the airport lounge by this point. He once said to her that kissing her each time was like a genesis for him, there was a strong connection that was apparent to anyone who could see.
There was a bit of time before the flight so they grabbed a nibble and a drink and sat next to one another at the bar, knees intertwined, catching up on their busy week. She loved to tell stories to him and watch his eyes light up and his boyish grin cross his face. He loved to make her laugh with jokes and silly songs. Their hands never parted. She leaned into him at one point and reminded him of a story she had written about an airport lounge and asked if he was interested in checking out the bathrooms here in their lounge. He didn’t even hesitate as he grabbed her hand and set out to find the bathrooms. He never forgot anything so he certainly didn’t forget her sexy stories.
He loved the look on her face and leaned in for a deep, throaty kiss. She responded in kind, pulling her body up and into his. He felt the stir of longing for her. She knew how to turn him on and they were both fans of public affection. If he didn’t stop her soon she might start groping him here in full sight of the coming and going passengers. The thought turned him on even more. She felt his response and let a little moan pass her lips. He gently pulled away from her lips and pulled her towards the bathrooms. They were giggling like teenagers going on their first date.