How to Become a Morning Person?

How many of you are Morning people?

God knows, I’m not and never have been. I remember when my kids were small fighting through the cries to sleep a little longer, then ignoring the tugging at the side of the bed and making them crawl in with me. I created another generation of late sleepers and these boys of mine can sleep later than anyone I know!

My kids literally do not want to speak in the mornings. They want zero attention and need to be left alone. If they are awake at the same time, they will eat in different rooms with varying light patterns. One likes it dark and warm, the other likes the morning light from a soft couch and a bit cooler. When I say “Good Morning!” I get grunts of acknowledgement and I’ve learned not to push.

I hate waking up early. Anything before 8 am feels like death to me. And most years of my life I have had to be up somewhere between 530am – 630am. My favorite work years were when I could sleep til 730am and take an 830am commute. Yes, I was late every day but my industry gets a late start.

730am feels like a magic number for me, not too early and manageable. I’ve been taking my youngest to school every day just to get this habit going again. I’ve been tracking along my sleep cycles on Fitbit.

I’ve been reading a lot about habits and how the most effective people in this world have very specific patterns. One of them is the 5am wake up call. The thought of that literally makes me gag. But, no matter how many articles I read, one of the core foundations of successful people is early rising.


I’m just starting to work on healthy habits – any healthy habit that I feel I can build and STICK with.

So back to that morning thing…it’s been about just about 2 months that I’ve woken up with the kid and got him to school on time. I feel less internal argument with myself to rise now that I’ve convinced myself it’s a “mom at home” requirement. My older son appreciates that he doesn’t need to drive his brother to school anymore (he did it for 3 months while I was sick) and will do it as a favor for me when I can’t without any arguments. This habit has clicked over to automatic thinking. I read something that said adjust habits slowly, so now I set the alarm clock back 10 minutes. I don’t need the 10 minutes BUT my goal is to eventually train myself for a normal work routine again so I don’t find it overwhelming when the time comes (because EVERYTHING still feels overwhelming to me). So far, so good. The small adjustment hasn’t affected me and the same article mentioned I shouldn’t change my go-to-sleep time, only my wake-time.

I fear I may never be a morning person, but I do believe if I were just to grab an hour or two more in the morning, I could develop a better work/life balance once work kicks back into gear. I’m afraid that the good habits I’m developing now would disappear as I have the ability to basically craft my entire day around my exercise.

Let’s see how the small steps go!

Author: Madeline Harper

My journey through divorce and an emotional and sexual reawakening. Love, laughter, friendships, family and heartbreak included. And there is sex, lots of it, so close your eyes and turn the page if that's not for you! While I started this blog as an endeavor to journal my thoughts and feelings in an attempt to better understand myself, it has become an amazing platform from which I have met some of the most interesting and wonderful people in my life. My path is often crooked, but I hope you will share in the journey with me.

11 thoughts on “How to Become a Morning Person?”

  1. I’ve never been a morning person… but you get up when you have to and do what you gotta do which I’m sure is why coffee was invented. My official work day would start at 8:15… but many times (and before I worked from home) I was there way before that time or, a few times, I was still there, in the data center, and the only way I knew it was morning was when I remembered I was wearing a watch. For some emergencies, my morning would start anywhere between 1am and 3am… because somebody broke something and I gotta get out of a nice warm bed and fix it.

    Morning are overrated… except, I don’t complain about seeing mornings, if ya catch my drift. Now that I’m retired and no kids to deal with, the only time I get up before noon is for doctor’s appointment or we gotta catch a plane somewhere.

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  2. Don’t believe the hype! Early risers versus night owls – there are pros and cons to both, but neither is better than the other. You do you! Here’s an article to support my argument:

    I swing from early to late and everything inbetween. I do find that these days I am happiest going to bed around 10 and waking around 6 or 6:30. 7-8 hours of sleep makes me happy. Anything less turns me into a witch.

    Whatever works for you. Just keep making those small habits because they all add up.

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    1. Yea I’ve been clocking 9 hours of sleep in order to feel well … so I’m trying to keep it right at 9 and not longer.

      Thanks for sharing the article. I’ve never been steady at any rise/sleep time but I think it’s a habit I should try to keep as the previous way (random) wasn’t working for me

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    1. There’s no way I’m
      Making it til 5. I tried that one summer and went to a 530am class 3 times a week. I was always miserable. I will be happy to adjust to 645-7am while still at home so I can get started BEFORE dropping of kid 3.

      I think 5am is still devils hour! 😂

      That article was really good. I read it twice


  3. I hate mornings. I have a child who has to be up at 6 so I do that then I lay back down. Next child up at 720, then I lay back down till 8, have to be to work at 9. thats two hours of prep time before my work day really begins. yuck! No matter how much sleep I get, I just think early mornings blow! I am posed to be to work at 8:30 but my bosses know I will always be there but I get there when I get there and at least I always accomplish the work. With that said, if you want to relocate, my company is hiring for project managers. Very good pay and all incentives or what not. .. pretty sure you live no where near MI but just thought I would put that out there just for shits n giggles I guess…

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    1. T you are too sweet! Thank you! Nope, nowhere near MI and here for a few more years so the youngest finishes HS.

      I’ve been doing ok with my 7:20 wake up this week. If it still feels good I will push it back to 7:10 next week etc. luckily, I don’t have to force the 6am at the moment.

      I did notice the extra 10 mins helped me get little things out of the way so an extra 20 means I will get to the coffee as soon as I drop the kid at school! Lol. There is always the benefit of more coffee!! 😂☕️


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