Morning Coffee

How many of you drink a morning coffee or 10?

I was addicted to Starbucks every morning, for how many years I don’t even know. The habit cost me a minimum of $10/day in the city. Add in the occasional raspberry scone and it was at least $15. When you’re making good money, you don’t pay much attention to the massive financial drain that actually is. Never mind lunch in my city and then drinks out a couple nights a week.

This little capsule is about my morning coffee routine, so back to that.

I have a very specific Starbucks call for my drink, one of those long ones you don’t want to be behind. Luckily I now have the app and wherever I go it’s waiting for me upon arrival. But when a friend buys my coffee they roll their eyes. I was able to buy the Starbucks flavoring and recreate the coffee at home. So, for years now, I have been drinking two Venti Lattes every morning. Bad days required 3.

I started to pay attention to how many calories I was consuming last summer and found my 2 lattes pretty much equate to a breakfast. That was fine, I am not a morning person and I’m not hungry after coffee (or more aptly put: milk with a splash of espresso). But seriously, I was consuming way too many carbs in one sitting. Look at this:

Now that I’m watching my macros I realize how insane that is when I am not burning off anything.

Although I’m making a point about nutrition, it wasn’t actually my intention for this post.

What I REALLY wanted to get at was flavor. And how we become addicted to sugar etc within our coffee. Switching up a favorite coffee is akin to removing a leg.

In some ways, the fact that I couldn’t drink any coffee or milk for over 3 months post surgery helped me break a habit. I didn’t want to kick my coffee habit itself, I really enjoy a morning coffee, but I wanted to change to a healthier way of drinking all that milk. In Keto diets when you can only have 20-30 grams of carbs a day, my coffee is an absolute no-go at 48 grams of carbs.

Everyone I speak to about their coffee says the same thing “There is no way I can change…(insert whatever they believe they have to have) because that’s everything to me.” I thought the same thing. Then I decided I was going to try.

I switched skim milk out for almond milk. I mixed in various sweeteners. I googled like crazy to try different things. And I finally landed on a mix that felt satisfying in taste as well as on my tongue.

That was about a month ago.

Since then, the first sip has never had the same impact of sheer coffee bliss. I’ve adjusted to the taste and lightness of the coffee, but it’s not the same.

Until today!

Today I took a sip and the coffee was perfect! I now LIKED the taste. I adjust to the different feeling of he milk (it’s thinner, less creamy). I had the moment of pure coffee happiness when I took the first sip and sat down and really enjoyed my coffee. I had the feeling I was looking forward to drinking MY coffee instead of feeling like I was drinking a subpar impostor that would never bring true coffee bliss.

There is no exact Starbucks replica of my home coffee, but that’s ok as I can get close enough by simply replacing milk with almond milk and upping the sugar free vanilla. Because Starbucks steams it comes out a bit frothier anyway. At home I can use Almond Milk Creamer (omg I’m in love with this stuff).

I get 130 calories, 4/5 net carbs! And I can drink two medium sized drinks which make me happy.

I didn’t think I could write a whole post about coffee, but there you have it. If I can change my coffee habit, maybe I can change the world?! 🤣🙄

Author: Madeline Harper

My journey through divorce and an emotional and sexual reawakening. Love, laughter, friendships, family and heartbreak included. And there is sex, lots of it, so close your eyes and turn the page if that's not for you! While I started this blog as an endeavor to journal my thoughts and feelings in an attempt to better understand myself, it has become an amazing platform from which I have met some of the most interesting and wonderful people in my life. My path is often crooked, but I hope you will share in the journey with me.

21 thoughts on “Morning Coffee”

  1. I’m probably like a lot of people: Do not mess with my coffee! When I was working, I’d guzzle coffee throughout the day and to the point where I thought of how to put in a coffee IV. I did try Starbucks twice – once to see if it was as good as everyone said it was – and it was horrible – and another time to see if the first time was a fluke – and it was worse than the first time.

    My doctor suggested that I drink my coffee black… and I told him I’d stop drinking it before I drank it black. Now, I did stop drinking it after finding out how “bad” my PKD was (and while my urologist was eager to prove I had bladder cancer, which I didn’t have) and it wasn’t that bad except it threw my daily routine off for a while but I really didn’t miss it.

    The doctors agreed that having coffee wasn’t gonna hurt anything and I happily went back to my post-retirement coffee routine of having one mug on summer days and maybe two during some winter days and, even rarer, having a cup just because I wanted something hot, creamy, and sweet.

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    1. Yes I have been told by multiple people, including doctors, to drink the coffee black. I can’t do it – at least not yet. I don’t think I’m a fan of the coffee as much as the vanilla cream. But I’m happy with where I landed now and don’t have much to cut back except the calories themselves. I would rather drink my coffee! Little baby steps. I’m trying not to mess with everything at once so I can stay the course!!


      1. Black coffee is such an acquired taste and I learned a long time ago that some cream and a bit of sugar takes the edge off that bitter taste even the best coffee has. I love hazelnut coffee creamer – it has a lot of dietary zeros but great taste and it tastes even better when I’m drinking hazelnut flavored coffee along with it which has the odd effect of having me use less creamer and less sugar and, for the record, I have tried other sweeteners… and they taste worse than black coffee does. They say, “It tastes just like sugar!”and my tongue says, “Bullshit – we know what sugar tastes like and this ain’t even close!”

        Having said that, if I had to give it up, I could and would… but until that day comes, leave me to my coffee and the way I like it.

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      2. You sound exactly like my best friend! She grew up on sugar and Cuban coffee.

        I grew up on sweet and lo so I’m used to sweetener which helps. I don’t mind the sweetness so I’ve been able to switch to sugar free vanilla sweetener. And I drink vanilla coffee too! It does help with flavoring.


      3. Lol. 😂

        I grew up with my Grandma stealing the little pink packets from every single restaurant we went to! Because it was “expensive” and a novelty when it started in the 50s. I guess my Momma always used it as well so I think I never really took sugar in my tea (back then) and she was always trying to keep us skinny with low cal and low fat foods. Anyone who grew up with sugar clearly has taste issues with sweetener, they say it has an aftertaste. But I guess I don’t know better!

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      4. By the time I found out about that new fangled Sweet N Low, I wasn’t a fan of how it tasted… and wasn’t of a mind to drink my coffee with something that gave lab rats cancer. And it does have an aftertaste that overpowers any sweetness it might have.

        Yuck. Give me real sugar any day.

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  2. I use unsweetened oatmilk and a little but of brown sugar. I used to use Splenda, but now I just can’t be assed because I use so little. But my love of coffee flavours started with South American coffee in hostels and they serve you hot instant coffee espresso strong with condensed milk- similar to Vietnamese coffee so my flavour profile has come a long way and gotten much more refined and its nummy. I totally get your plight

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      1. Right? South America is so good for coffee at nice cafes and stuff but the actual locals drink almost ‘thick’ instant coffee with condensed milk. So delicious

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      1. Are you in Canada? We have different brands. I don’t even know the brand, it’s the only one my grocer carries, everything else is nut or soy, I can’t have either.


  3. I totally understand this post! After going vegan, I had to immediately give up milk. I gave up coffee for over a year. And last October, finally decided to have it again while on vacation (damn waiter kept asking me every single morning if I would like one. And with the scenery and how relaxed I felt, I decided to cheat). Pretty much haven’t looked back since. Although, I switched to almond milk. Honestly, it tasted exactly the same as my old latte.

    And then…last month, I start dabbling with intermittent fasting. No food for 20 hrs a day but I pretty much eat whatever I want for the other 4 hours. You can only have black coffee (or espresso shots) and water, during your fasting window. I thought I was going to DIE-because after going for a run, I usually would pick up my daily latte. But, I followed the rules, and surprisingly I’ve kind of adjusted yet again. Black coffee may not be my favorite thing to drink, but it holds me over till my window opens. No calories, no insulin spikes, no sugar etc. I know….sounds boring huh? But, you do adjust to anything provided you stick with it long enough. Sounds like you have figured this out too. We do adapt to our new indulgences. The key is making sure they are good choices. xx

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    1. Ooooo! I was going to write a post about intermittent fasting!

      Years ago you may recall I did Isagenix and lost a ton of weight. It was the first diet I actually felt good and healthy doing in 2014 when I was getting divorced.

      Anyway, isagenix is based on intermittent fasting! It was 5 days on 2 off. Takes a while to get used to but totally worked.

      I’m doing so well on Keto not sure if I can change to a 5-2 but was thinking the really popular one is 16 hours off 8 on. I was thinking of starting there as it’s relatively easy.

      The coffee will kill me so I will also have to figure a work around.

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      1. Yeah I remember yo telling me that. But I didn’t realize it was based off of IF too!!

        I started out w/a bang and then did a 42 hr fast, mixed between my usual 20/4 routine. Next week I did a 35 hr fast. But then I felt like my body just needed a “normal” get up and eat 3 meals a day kind of routine. So I did. And it’s been a solid week of eating like normal people eat…but I’m feeling more bloated eating this way. Add in California’s unusual rain for the last 2-3 weeks- and I wasn’t able (nor wanted), to go running first thing every morning. It’s been freeeeeeeezzzzzzing here (well CA level of freezing 🤣). Moral of the story? I need to get back onto my IF routine. I can do 20/4, but I’m not sure if it’s sustainable forever. 16/8 is how I normally ate even before I knew what intermittent fasting was. So it’s not enough for any real weight loss to occur. I need to reduce my window and get my ass in gear again. I just haven’t felt like running as much these days…a rarity, since I’ve been running every day for the past 5+ years.

        How long did you follow the Isagenix program?


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