Chapter 9 – Dreams

It’s early. Or late? I don’t know. Everything is so warm. It’s twilight, somewhere between deep dark sleep and the shimmer of morning. I don’t want to wake you but I’m restless. It’s probably jet lag. I look over at you sleeping peacefully, your chest rising and falling evenly, your dark hair tousled. Your lips are luscious, your scruff just right and warm flutters course through my body as I think of your lips on mine. You are still naked and your delicious cock hangs exhausted between your legs contrasting the strength it had shown only hours earlier. I think I know how you might like to be woken up, but I hesitate because you need the rest. You don’t rest easily.

The air beyond the covers is cool and you shiver a little as I pull them away from you. With gentle fingers and a light touch, I start to trail small paths down your shoulder and belly towards your cock to see if you stir. Nothing. I move in closer and use one finger to trace the head of your cock. You are so sleepy you don’t move. Your breathing is still even. I lower myself down to do one of my favorite things: take your flaccid member into my mouth. I can suck on it, squeeze it in my mouth, and run my tongue all around it when it’s soft like this. I will have a few minutes before you realize what’s going on and respond. I suck in short strokes, drawing your member up with each one and suddenly feel the rush of blood begin to fill your cock.

And it hits you then, you feel the warmth of my mouth, the heat against a chilly room, enveloping your cock, tension seizing your limbs. A moan eminates from your mouth at the same time. You are waking to having your cock sucked and there is no better feeling in the world. Your back arches and one hand falls immediately on top of my head.

My lips are gliding up your shaft and my tongue wriggles against your sensitive flesh. Your muscles tense. Sleep can’t keep you under now. Blinking against the dim light that penetrates the darkness, your eyes open. Your upper body is cool. Glancing down, you find the bundle of covers at your waist. I am there, lips pursed at the tip of your dick, wearing only the pile of sheets and an alluring sleepy glare. You know that look in my eyes. I’m hungry, and not for eggs or toast. The corner of my mouth twitches upward into a grin. Then, I part my lips and dive down again.

You toss your head back into the pillow. The head of your cock prods my throat. My tongue is somehow still working itself around your shaft. As you clutch two handfuls of the sheets, you feel like tearing the bed apart. One hand is holding your balls tightly, with just the right amount of pressure at the base of your cock, pushing up where you like it. My fingers encircle the base of your dick, and I tighten them like a vice. My hair hangs in tangles beside a smooth face. You can’t help but twist across the mattress. The sight of your cock throbbing full, red, and thick in my lips is driving you nuts. You’re barely awake! So many thoughts skip off the walls of your mind but your head is still too foggy to find them.

When I reach your swollen tip again, I roll my tongue around it and flick my eyes upwards toward you. Your jaw drops. No sound comes out. You’re locked in my vibrant gaze. I dive again. And again.

You watch my lips slide all the way down to fingers at the base of your cock. It’s as if I sucked the thrust of your hips right out of you. You reach and snatch my hair, holding my head down. For several seconds, you’re frozen in ecstasy, throbbing in my throat and gasping for a steady breath. I pull back a little, leaving your cock glistening in my wet salvia mixed with your precum. I grip your shaft with my hand and start pumping, building you to an orgasm. My free hand caressing your balls. Your ass clenches and my smile widens.

I tip my head to the side, messy hair cascading over my shoulder. You can’t look away. Hooking your fingers in my hair, you hold on for dear life while my hand glides up and down your engorged member. You can see your very flesh molding and deforming in my wet grip. My eyes are still watching you when I brings my lips close. My face hovers there, inches from the cock I stroke. Hot breath washes over your sensitive skin.

As you writhe about in the bed, you know it’s coming. You lock eyes with the beauty below. By any logic, she should look like a mess in the morning. Somehow, she’s beautiful. She is all woman, and ravenously passionate, craving the release she’s giving you. Her open lips tease at your skin. The glow of morning in her eyes speaks of both lust and love, that writhe together; the compassion of a partner and the need of a lover.

In the end, it’s those eyes that do it.

Those eyes and that hand cupping your balls and applying pressure like you have never felt before. All in some kind of sleepy haze. Is this even really happening?

She knows it’s coming. Freezing her hand near the base of your darkening head, she tightens her grip. Your whole body convulses and a deep moan gets caught in your throat. She digs her thumb under your tip.

When at last she releases pressure, the burn explodes from your cock. A ribbon of cum shoots up and falls to your waist. A wail of pleasure escapes your throat.

She cliches your shaft and balls again, only for seconds. It seems like another infinity.

You don’t believe it’s possible but the pressure eases and a second stream fires from your fattened tip, higher than the second. She raises her eyebrows at the sight of it. You release a long groan. Your body is tight. All of your energy seems to drain away. She holds you as more cum pumps out of your cock. Milky clear streaks drip from her fingers. She licks her lips. You watch yourself run dry in her grip.

Relaxation washes over you. Your body melts into the bed. She grins and slides her thumb over the glistening head of your cock, toying with the hypersensitive flesh. You jerk a bit, but let out an exasperated laugh. You close your eyes, wondering what you did so right to deserve such a wake-up call.

Suddenly she’s there. Your flaccid dick sinks against your thigh. You feel her breasts brushing your chest. The tangles of her hair tickle your cheeks. When you open your eyes, her pretty face is staring down upon you. The silence of the room is deafening. Your heaving breathing, her snicker, the soft rustle of the covers that she slides around the two of you….

“Hi, Lover.”

“Morning,” you say.

She grins and raises an eyebrow. “Don’t you mean ‘good morning’?”

You pull her close.

“No,” you tell her. “It’s a great morning.”

She places a gentle kiss on your lips. It makes you want to pull her tighter and crush her. She tells you its still too early for morning and maybe it’s all a dream, as she settles in close to your chest, where you can hold onto her. You kiss the top of her head and fall back, wondering if it all really happened.

Author: Madeline Harper

My journey through divorce and an emotional and sexual reawakening. Love, laughter, friendships, family and heartbreak included. And there is sex, lots of it, so close your eyes and turn the page if that's not for you! While I started this blog as an endeavor to journal my thoughts and feelings in an attempt to better understand myself, it has become an amazing platform from which I have met some of the most interesting and wonderful people in my life. My path is often crooked, but I hope you will share in the journey with me.

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