Chapter 5 – Shower

Her legs start to shake with ecstasy, her voluptuous figure now unsteady in his strong arms. He turned her around and pushed in from behind so he could keep fucking her.

He owned her body at this moment and even told her so… she was his, there was no resistance. She would allow him to take her any way he pleased, she would do anything he asked of her because every move he made was, in fact, designed for their pleasure. He would ensure that they were both completely satisfied. She would bend, tense and flex every way he could move her, she would meet his feral demands by opening wide for him, allowing him to fill all of her again and again, punish her with his cock, whatever it took to have her legs begin shaking under his touch. His arms holding her up now, she weakens with the sublime pleasure that is rolling through her every nerve, sensation radiating throughout her body, tightening her further around him, forcing him to feel the power of her pleasure. She begs him to cum for her now and he moans hoarsely, ready to explode deep inside her. His eyes are wild with anticipation and desire, his breathing ragged as he pumps into her over and over in sweet release. His cried of “fuck, fuck” as he releases.

The water of the shower continues to rain down over them, covering them in warm showers, the smell of their sex mingling with the steam and their uneven breathing and they remain tangled together in the shower like that for a while, allowing the water to roll over them. She washes him gently. He does the same for her. Sweet, kind ministrations and attention to the others body and washing away the long flight and train ride. Both of them exhausted and limp from the sex and journey.

Stepping out of the shower, drying off with plush towels, they wrap themselves in robes and head to the bedroom. He spied some lotions and oils on the vanity and brings them along. He reaches for the lotion, unscrewed the little cap, and generously splattered some in to his large, but soft palms, she was now giggling at the luxury of all this, waiting to be touched ever so delicately by her secret lover. His eyes met hers for what seemed like minutes and not seconds. They just looked at one another; each a captive audience for the other. Both waited to be touched and petted again, ever so sensuously and deliberately.

He began working the lotion in to her smooth, soft skin…and she closed her eyes to enjoy the touch alone, to feel every movement of his long, skilled fingers across her body. He worked the lotion into her back and arms, her neck and then down her legs. He crawled back up to her breast, gently teasing each of them to attention as she cradled his head in her hands, watching him with pleasure. He knew how she loved the attention to her nipples and he brought both breast together and nuzzled deep between them with a deep sigh before he bent down, down to lightly tease her vagina with his mouth, flicking his tongue gently in and around the parts of her that he had just been so rough with.

Her response was immediate to his tongue, the moan emanated low in her belly and worked it’s way through her throat, full of lust and desire for him. His hands now reached around to grab her ass and pull her close, but he was not going to give her release, not yet, they had hours before them to tease and please one another and he was going to take advantage of the time. He would do what she loved best, he would slide one finger, then two high into her and press hard on her g-spot while he massaged her clit with his expert tongue. He would make her cum all over his face before he made love to her, and he wanted her to cum with him inside, to be pleasured multiple times, to learn to let go fully with him and he planned to bring her to the edge many times. They found multiple ways to pleasure one another that neither had discovered before and the next few days he had no doubt they would find more of these hot spots together. She was entirely willing to explore with him. Nothing on her body was off limits.

She didn’t tire of the sex or lose her desire to try something new. He never knew sex could be so adventurous, fun and loving, no restrictions, just pleasure. So many things swam through his brain as he was eating her delicious smooth pussy, so many things they could do together. Her hands were in his hair now and she was getting close, he knew all the signs, he knew how her breathe quickened and her legs clenched, he could feel all her muscles inside begin to contract around his fingers and her clit began to hide. He focused on bringing her all the way through her orgasm, to give her all the pleasure she had been sharing with him and he didn’t stop until he was sure she had as much as she needed.

He kissed down her legs and back up until he was lying beside her. He kissed her full and deep so she could taste herself. They both needed a rest before dinner, and cuddled in the warm air coming in from the balcony doors, soon falling asleep listening to the roll of the waves.

Author: Madeline Harper

My journey through divorce and an emotional and sexual reawakening. Love, laughter, friendships, family and heartbreak included. And there is sex, lots of it, so close your eyes and turn the page if that's not for you! While I started this blog as an endeavor to journal my thoughts and feelings in an attempt to better understand myself, it has become an amazing platform from which I have met some of the most interesting and wonderful people in my life. My path is often crooked, but I hope you will share in the journey with me.

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