Man Babies | 1

My weekend of debauchery didn’t quite turn out as intended and that’s just fine.  The weekend was massive fun and I enjoyed the time spent with my friends and sister more than anything. I may be recuperating for a year or more because who the heck can keep up with a 26-year-old that can drink most people under the table.

I had reached out to Mr Electricity to join LB and I at a sex club on Saturday because I am simply not comfortable enough doing that as a single woman. Having voyeuristic sex is fun and about all I can wrap my head around right now.  He was super excited and it caused a flurry of communication on his part as well as asking me out the Thursday before and multiple requests to join the party on Friday.

Both requests were met with solid “no’s”.  Thursday night I was planning to meet Bennett for the first time and Friday night was all about my friends and sister. I had no time to take care of men who required my attention. Little did I know how this night would end.

Mr E continued to request to join Friday or at least be a willing cock to fuck at some point during the night. He ultimately secured a room at the same hotel my sister and I were staying at and I agreed I could arrive early for a quickie and then come to his room after all the festivity.  The thought of being able to jump his bones at the end of the night had me super hot, probably more than the plans for the sex club. He was super happy and eager and I was looking forward to reconnecting with him.

I arrived early at the hotel and he had my cold drink waiting for me. We sat at the bar and caught up, canoodling some in between. We decided it would be hotter not to have a quickie in the room and wait til later but as the time continued to slip away we were both getting hotter and hornier. I slipped away to the bathroom and he followed and it was inevitable there would be some bathroom action by this point.

He’s aggressive in the right way and pushed me against a wall and begins to finger me.  I can feel his massive thick cock rising and I must have it so I bend over the sink and he slides right in. Mmmm. The bathroom is small and the automatic hand dryer keeps going off so it’s a bit distracting but sexy all the same!  We stay a little while then my phone beeps with the reminder that it’s time to go.

We straightened up and went our separate ways.

When I met Mr E at the bar I was quickly reminded of two things. The first being how fucking hot he is in bed and his ability to make me melt with a kiss. The second is what a controlling bastard he can be. I had sort of forgotten that but knew it was a primary reason I didn’t want him out with my friends.  He insinuated he was meeting friends which may or may not include a woman and when he didn’t get a rise out of me, asked me why I wasn’t bothered by it. I explained he was he big cock for the weekend (in the nicest way possible folks) and this wasn’t a dating situation. I was happy to have his company when it worked in the schedule but I couldn’t attend to him tonight. He wasn’t happy so he figured trying to make me jealous might work.

I don’t know if he ever even really went out or not but I know he was back in that room alone by 930-10pm waiting for me.

I wish I could better describe the nuance of Mr E.  I wasn’t sure I could trust him in the club so I set the rules immediately, which is claims he was happy to abide by . LB reminded me to tel him I’m in control and it’s all about me. He’s there for the scenery. So while he agreed to that and while he may claim it’s not a form of control, he continued to pursue asking. Dozens of questions about playing with others at the club.  I made it very clear that we were going as a couple and I only wanted to play with him and watch – but he asked and asked and asked until I finally said if I’m not enough for you stay home.  I had several discussions with him via text or phone that I wanted no interaction at the clubs with others but he wanted to push his agenda.  And he made it clear he can never touch another man. He’s a homophobic control freak and it’s when you can tell he was raised as a military brat.

I left with my sister and we made our way to my party, Finn was included In the festivities as he had proven to be a fun and happy friend to have around and had already met (and more!) some of my friends.  That certainly didn’t  pan out as planned either.

The party, and Finn, are the next post but I will stick with Mr E for this post.

We were pretty wrecked when we arrived back to the hotel around 1030-11pm. We wanted to freshen up before heading to the gay strip club.  Mr E was ready and waiting for me in bed so I popped up for a lovely quickie as the girls were getting ready. We moved to the bar and it suddenly seemed like everyone was pooping out. We had been drinking for the last 6 or so hours and I think the thought of the energy we would expend at the gay club was too much. We decided to part.

Of course I headed back to Mr E’s room and climbed atop again. He had already give me a lovely orgasm earlier in the evening but was prepared to do so again (his mouth is sincerely fabulous).  The sex with him is just how I like it. I’m getting massively excited and very, very loud. Just as I am about to orgasm again he “shushes” me!  I almost died. I suppose I had a knee jerk reaction and kicked at him somehow. I don’t recall doing so, but he said I did. I rolled to my side to calm down – it was that close and almost painful to stop.  I then sat up, got dressed and left with not a word spoken between either of us.

He was aggravated that I kicked him (?) and even more so that I left him. This is the kind of control he tried to exert before and I’m not playing into it and giving him some kind of “I’m sorry for being too loud while I orgasm”. It’s a goddamn hotel I can scream all I like!

The next morning I knew I wasn’t hearing from him but for my own entertainment I sent a text that said “drop your stuff to my room” since my sister was due to leave and he would be staying with me.

A bit later I got a text from him:
“You’re kidding me right? Last night was fucked up. You kicked me. You left in a huff without saying a word. I’m not going with you tonight. You told me things like tonight is about trust. Well I would not feel comfortable going tonight. I’m sorry but this scene is not for me and your behavior last night was troubling. I left at 8 this morning. I think it best if we no longer communicate. But I do wish you luck.”

I told LB immediately and this was her reply:

“Homophobe shooshing merchants should be sent to ice moon prisons”

I laughed for an hour.

He’s a big fucking man baby.  I knew it before but this just proved it. He didn’t get his appropriate dose of attention and fealty so he figured it might upset me more if he just left.

I sent him a lovely note of apology for kicking him and then said too bad it wasn’t harder and in his balls.


Author: Madeline Harper

My journey through divorce and an emotional and sexual reawakening. Love, laughter, friendships, family and heartbreak included. And there is sex, lots of it, so close your eyes and turn the page if that's not for you! While I started this blog as an endeavor to journal my thoughts and feelings in an attempt to better understand myself, it has become an amazing platform from which I have met some of the most interesting and wonderful people in my life. My path is often crooked, but I hope you will share in the journey with me.

29 thoughts on “Man Babies | 1”

  1. This made me laugh; getting kicked, punched, stuff like that, happens in sex and this dude was acting like a little bitch about it. If you had kicked me, all I would have done was plan to fuck you stupid when I got to your room… that’s some sweet revenge.

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I’ve been kicked, punched, slapped, bitten, scratched and on the verge of being choked unconscious while eating pussy and giving a woman an intense orgasm; I’ve gotten bloody noses, have had my teeth loosened, a black eye or two, and bruised like I’d been in a fight. I’ve strained my neck, back, suffered through cramped muscles, been dizzy from being upside down with my head between legs too long. I’ve even come close to drowning eating women who squirt like waterfalls.

        Occupational hazards when you’re trying to please a woman in bed. I could be pissed about this… or I can be damned happy because she’s looking at me as if I’ve been trying to kill her or drive her totally insane.

        Which thing makes more sense as a response, hmm?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’m glad you approve! I know I’m gonna take a beating trying to make y’all orgasm so there’s no sense of being a whiny bitch about it. And if I don’t take a beating, hmm, I must not be eating that pussy right… or the woman in question is dead and beyond feeling anything.

        Last time I ate pussy, I got kneed in the head and had a headache even extra strength Tylenol couldn’t handle; she, in turn, got put to sleep without me having to fuck her…

        Definitely worth it.


    1. I was actually shuddering when he stopped and had to lie on my side to catch my breath. And he wondered why I didn’t say a word. What fascinates me is that my behavior was disturbing but he failed to realize his own.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. “I sent him a lovely note of apology for kicking him and then said too bad it wasn’t harder and in his balls.”

    Laughed so hard, absolutely love love love this!!!!!

    I recently sent a guy a picture of me after surgery splattered in blood with the time of how fast I did an amputation, and a little side note that I know how to expertly dismember a human being (sometimes it’s better to have a job that allows us to get out our sociopathic tendencies in a safe, constructive and healing way.)

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